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Vacuum Heat Treatment Used for Mold
Posted: 01/15/2016 17:03:39  Hits: 83
The new heat treatment of heat deformation used for mold forging is gradually familiar with. Final forging temperature of most of mold is about 850℃. Fast cooling quenching takes place of slow cooling after forging forming. Then, it is followed by high-temperature tempering or spheroidizing annealing. Heat treatment can improve service life of mold so that the mold can provide better service. 
Heat treatment on mold can be divided into preheat treatment, finish heat treatment and surface strengthening. 
Cold punching mold processed by vacuum heat treatment has less deformation and cutting cracks or grinding cracks less occur. Die casting mold adopts advanced technologies which can reduce cracks and galling in the application to the extent. At present, the more advanced vacuum heat treatment is used to improve the performance and service of mold around the world. It is one of the most advanced heat treatments for mold. Therefore, in terms of heat treatment on mold, the situation of equipment, technology of vacuum heat treatment and control of productive process are quite important. The advancement of equipment is the precondition for advanced technology.

Vacuum heat treatment has the advantages of high quality, low energy consumption, non-oxidation and non-pollution. Combining with proper surface strengthening, it will take more advantage of potentials of materials.  
Vacuum Heat Treatment Used for Mold