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Powder Forging Advantages
Posted: 08/21/2015 08:42:08  Hits: 145
Powder forging is a powder metallurgy parts net shaping technology that has low costs and high density. In recent years, for mechanical alloying, powders with different properties can be acquired without smelting. Mixed materials can be made into products through hot isostatic pressing and warm forging. For its advantages, powder forging has wide application prospect for connection rod on automobile. 
Workblank forged by powder is sintered billet, extrusion billet or workblank through hot isostatic pressing. Compared with common steel billet forging, powder forging has the following advantages:
1. High material utilization
Closed die forging is adopted. Forging pieces have no flash or materials losses. Powder forging has less machining allowance. From powder to parts, the total material utilization can be as high as more than 90%.
2. High formability 
It can forge metals or alloys which are considered as non-forgeable. For example, high temperature casting alloys which are hard for forming but can be made into complicated parts through powder forging. 
3. High precision
Performing billets made by powder forging are heated under protection of non-oxidation. After being forged, precision and roughness can compare favorably with precision die forging and precision casting. The best forms of performing billets can be used for forming complicated forging pieces. 
4. High mechanical property
All of powder particles are rapidly condensed by trace liquid metals. Ingredients of metal droplets are almost the same as mother alloys. Segregation is limited at the dimension of powder particles. Nevertheless, casting segregation, uneven grain granularity and other defects in common metal materials do not exist. The materials are more even.
5. Low costs and high productivity 
Raw materials costs and forging costs of powder forging is similar to general die forging. However, compared with die forging, powder forging has higher precision, lower surface roughness and saves amount of labors.
Powder Forging Advantages