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Powder Forging
Posted: 09/14/2015 08:56:58  Hits: 135
Powder forging is an advanced metal forming technology, having high quality, high precision, high efficiency, low consumption, low cost and other advantages which can meet the requirements of low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection in the 21st century and can also meet the requirements of rapid development of modern automobile manufacturing.
At the end of last century, powder forging had already made out planetary gear and connecting rod of differential mechanism on automobile. It is a kind of non-cutting metal processing methods which combine conventional powder metallurgy and precision forging, having market competitiveness. The method uses powder as material, heated and sintered into forging blank under shielding gas through perform pressing. The blank forms non-flash precision die forging, forged only once on press machine, forming complicated precision forging which has the same density as common die forging. 
Powder forging advantages
In terms of long-term production practice, powder forging has following advantages, taking place of common die forging.
1. High forming ability 
Due to fine powder particles, powders fulfill the mold cavity just like liquid when it is poured into mold, having high forming ability. So, all of complicated forgings can be formed successfully. Material utilization can reach to 100% without any machining allowance or dressings. 
2. High precision    
For low heating temperature and being protected by oxidation resistance shielding gas, forgings having high dimensional precision and low surface roughness can be acquired. The surface of forgings is ironed by smooth surface of mold cavity under high temperature, having high glossiness. 
3. High material utilization
Because of rational blank manufacturing technology and no flash or allowance precise closed die forging under low temperature, highly improve materials utilization, raising from 40%~60% of common die forging to more than 95%.
4. Long service life 
Unit pressure is only 1/3~1/4 of common die forging or even lower, highly improving pressure conditions of mould. Therefore, the service life can be raised by more than 10~20 times.
5. High productivity 
For example, when manufacture connecting rod on engine of automobile, common die forging carries out several roll forgings after blank having been heated. Dummying and finish forging are carried out on press machine. Then, trimming, piercing, thermal recalibration and cold coining follow. Powder forging leaves out those processes, highly improving productivity.  
Powder Forging Advantages