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Tips for Choosing Materials of Auto Stamping Parts
Posted: 10/21/2015 15:48:08  Hits: 104
Auto stamping parts refer to metal stamping parts consists of auto components. For auto parts, some become directly into auto components having been stamped. The others need welding, machining or oil painting after having been stamped. 
Auto stamping parts have various categories. Spring pallet, spring seat, spring bracket on shock absorber, end cap, gland, compression valve cover and pocket, oil sealing seat, bottom, dust cover, impeller, oil tank, lug and stand are all auto stamping parts. Choosing metal materials having different mechanical properties should be based on stamping types and functional qualities, which can not only ensure quality of products, but also can save materials. 
In general, choosing materials for auto stamping parts should be based on the following tips:
a. The materials should meet usability requirements of auto components;
b. The materials should have good processing property;
c. The materials should have good economy. 
Cold stamping is widely applied in manufacturing auto stamping parts, meeting the requirements of multispecies and mass. For mid-sized or heavy trucks, most of covering parts such as body planking and supporting parts such as frame and carriage are stamping parts. The main steel materials used for cold stamping are steel plate and steel belt, accounting for 72.6% of steel consumption. The quality of materials not only determines the performance of products, but also has direct impacts on process of auto stamping process, including quality, cost, service life and production organization. So, choosing reasonable materials is an important and complex work. 
Tips for Choosing Materials of Auto Stamping Parts