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New Developments of Stamping on Automobile
Posted: 10/16/2015 17:13:48  Hits: 112
On automobile, 60%~70% of metal components are formed through plastic processing. Stamping is one of important methods for metal plastic processing. It is also one of the most essential, conventional and important metal processing methods. Covering parts, strutting pieces, structure reinforcements and amount of components are formed through stamping, which is developing into high precision, multifunction, energy efficiency and clean. Technological level and quality of stamping has direct influences on quality and costs of automobile in a large extent. 
Manufacturability of stampings refers to adaptation of stampings for crafts. Dimension, precision and shape of crafts meet the requirements of processing. All of stampings on automobile should have both manufacturability and economy. The number of processing, quantity and dimension of body assembly parts, structure of stampings and other factors have become important for measuring level. Reducing the number of processes means reducing the quantity of stamping, sparing quantity of clamping, simplifying delivery devices during stamping and decreasing staffs and area of stamping. It is a good measurement for saving investment and energy consumption. So, all of stamping manufacturers treat reducing processes as an approach for declining automobile manufacturing cost, even improving design to meet the requirements of manufacturing technique. Meanwhile, body assembly parts having dimensions as large as possible, such as the whole side plats of body and roof cover plate are adopted, which can not only beautify shape, reducing air drag, but also decline quantity of stampings and welding spots, decreasing costs efficiently. Moreover, on modern automobile, high strength steel sheets and galvanized steel sheets which are mainly used for coil stock or shell body require new stamping technique. 
The new developments of stamping on automobile include modular stamping and control, new materials and composite stamping technique, special stamping technique, computer simulation of stamping and virtual test, mould manufacturing, automatic monitoring and instability mechanism analysis during stamping. 
New Developments of Stamping on Automobile