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America - the Biggest Importer of Chinese Auto Parts
Posted: 01/31/2015 17:00:13  Hits: 486
America is the biggest country that exports vehicles to China, and also the biggest one that imports spare parts from China. This situation shows that China and America are complementary in their cooperation of automobile filed. 
Export and import of Chinese automobiles are active. In view of auto parts, value of exports from China to America rose from 5.37 billion USD in 2010 to 11.5 billion USD in 2014, which had been doubled. What’s more, the data is tending upwards year by year. 
On the other hand, value of auto parts exports from America to China increased from 0.62 billion USD in 2010 to 1.5 billion USD in 2014, with a growth of 1.5 times. Thus, China and the US. basically realize synchronous growth in export and import of auto parts
With the continual and quick growth of Chinese production and sales, the tradition market pattern, which embraces strong Europe-America and weak Asia, are completely broken. Global automobile enterprises, including those of America, are regarding Chinese market as strategic focus and primary source of growing sales. 
The fact that resources of auto industry throughout the world get together in China presents opportunities for China to realize the internalization of industrial strategies, product technologies, markets, capitals and elites. Chinese automobile enterprises turn from learners and followers to competitors of global industry and integrator of resources. The shift of roles will be more beneficial to global automobile industry. 
For China, who is shifting from a big nation to a powerful nation in automobile industry, it can adopts many great resources of America, such as the progressive marketing methods, service modes, talent strategies and strong capacity in development management and resource integration. Both American and Chinese markets are waiting to be developed further by them. 
The Pacific Ocean is broad and it is the same to the cooperation space between China and America. 
America - the Biggest Importer of Chinese Auto Parts - Creator