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SMSE 2016, Shanghai, China
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Date: May&June 31-02, 2016 
Venue: SWEECC (1099 Guo Zhan Road, Shanghai, China)
SMSE 2016 (10th China International Sheet Metal, Stamping and Metal Forming Exhibition) focuses on the communication and cooperation between steel stamping manufacturers and users. It is a strong communication platform for global sheet stamping or equipment manufacturers, combining with image presentation, brand promotion and marketing. SMSE 2016 is a win-win meeting for both suppliers and purchasers. It is also one of the most important shows for China and global sheet stamping and equipment industry. 
Exhibition scope:
1. Metal forming machine tools, metal cutting machine tools, non-traditional machine tools ;
2. Mechanical presses: servo press, high precision automatic press, gap frame press, straight side press, multiple position press, cold forging press, hot forging press, screw press, hydraulic tensile machine, forging hammer machine, extruding machine;
3. Sheet metal machineries: laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, line cutting machine, flame cutting machine, high pressure water jet cutting machine, CNC punch press, plate shearing machine, combined punching and shearing machine, pipe bender, rolling machine, grooving machine;  
4. Special forming machineries: pipe forming machine, wire forming machine, rolling machine, spring machine, screw machine, rivet, pressure riveting fastening machine;
5. Moulds: forging moulds, stamping moulds, steel moulds;
6. Raw materials: metal sheet, bar, pipe, etc.  
SMSE 2016, Shanghai, China