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Liquid Metal May be Used for iPhone
Posted: 02/27/2016 14:43:23  Hits: 146
Although Apple Inc never widely uses liquid metal on their important products, they will not stop the research and development on the technology. In the future, they may still use the material. Recently, the newly patent published by USPTO shows that Apple Inc will continue using liquid metal.
Apple Inc had ever used liquid metal on exit tool of SIM on iPhone. Due to the material, the tool was very hard. The patent newly received by Apple Inc shows that the Apple Inc will further develop the potentials of the material.
In a patent named that use the structure of core shell prealloy, Apple introduces a method that uses bulk metallic glass and the best feature of other metals or metal alloys to create composites. Apple points out that there are three forging methods, including bulk metallic glass and metal shell, metal core and bulk metal glass shell, bulk metallic glass and metal alloy. 
In the patent, Apple introduces that the material is used to figure out the problem occurred when forging bulk metallic glass: cooling rate is not the best period for forming crystals inside metal. Apple points out, if crystals are formed, the excellent mechanical properties of materials will not exist anymore.
Another patent received by Apple is a method that uses horizontal cold crucible induction melting system to smelt bulk metallic glass. Apple shows that compared with vertical cold crucible induction melting system, horizontal system allows to use copper crucible to reduce impurities as much as possible. It is a key factor for manufacturing amorphous alloy. So, Apple is always searching for the best solution. 
Apple is always exploring the possibility of liquid metal. What a pity, there are no products made of the liquid metal. Moreover, there is no sign showing when Apple will use the material on new products. 
Although Apple does not prepare for widely using liquid metal, they are still actively finding other metal materials, instead of aluminum material mainly used on current products. 
Using aluminum material, Apple can manufacture very beautiful products and the material also has some excellent properties. However, the material is easily scratched, causing scratches. And it is kinked easily just as iPhone6 Plus. Recently, the new information shows that Apple plans to use 7000 series aluminum materials on the new generation of iPhone, having the highest hardness and eliminating scandal.
Liquid Metal May be Used for iPhone