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Current Situation of Auto Stamping Mould Industry
Posted: 01/07/2016 17:14:38  Hits: 216
In downstream of mould, auto manufacturing mould has higher usage. In the U.S., Germany, Japan and other auto manufacturing developed countries, output value of auto stamping mould accounts for more than 40% of total value of the whole industry; in China, about one third of mould products are used for auto manufacturing. In general, a vehicle needs 1,000 to 1,400 stamping moulds, accounting for about 40% of total valve of moulds used for auto. 
Auto stamping mould is important process equipment for auto manufacturing. Time used for design and manufacturing accounts for about two thirds of auto development cycle, which is one of the main restraining factors for auto remodeling. Auto stamping mould has large dimension, complicated molded surface and high technical standard, belonging to technology-intensive products. In the past, auto stamping mould commonly used single die and compound die. With technology advancing and equipment improving, multi-position progressive die or multi-station progressive die are gradually used for design of auto stamping mould, becoming development direction of auto stamping mould manufacturing technology. 
Since 2001, global mould industry is always growing steadily. The average growth rate reaches more than 5%. By 2012, global mould market reached 94.5 billion USD. In the U.S., Germany, Japan and other developed countries, demands for moulds related to auto account for more 40% of total demands for mould. It is estimated that global auto mould market has already reach 37 billion USD and auto stamping mould market is about 15 billion USD. At present, as traditional demand market of auto stamping mould, North America, Europe and Japan are still dominating the global demand. In the next years, demand growth rate will maintain at a relatively stable level. Compared with the U.S., Germany and Japan, auto industry in China, India, Brazil and Russia – emerging economies develops quickly. The relative demands expand requirement space of global auto stamping mould market and gradually become the new engine for global auto stamping mould demand growth.    
Current Situation of Auto Stamping Mould Industry