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Huizhou Propels Development of New Energy Auto Field
Posted: 10/24/2014 14:25:31  Hits: 341
According to the popularization and application working conference of new energy vehicles in Guangdong, the related automobile accessory industry made an output value of nearly 3.73 billion RMB in Huizhou in 2013. Howerver, its popularization and application situation shows that there are actually only 83 new energy automobiles come into service. 
It is introduced that Huizhou new energy vehicles industry has a foundation which containing battery, electric machine and electronic control fields. There are many accessory manufacturing enterprises that equipped with strong production capacity.

However, the popularization and application of new energy vechicles is not ideal at present. 80 of the 83 new energy automobiles are used in the direct-controllyed municipality, 3 in Zhongkai High-tech Zone. No substantial progress are worked in other regions , while 18 charging points are put into operation. 
Huizhou has always strived to realize Automobile Dream.

In order to promote the industrialization of new energy vechile field, Huizhou will try its best to push the vechile programe and preferentially support the industrial chain extension of local enterprises. Huizhou governement will help the enterprises to achieve vechicle manufacturing qualification to develop new energy autos with competitiveness. The conference also suggested that Huizhou should intensify investment promotion and capital introduction to build great programes especially entire vechicle programs. 
For the sake of popularization and application of new energy automobiles, Huizhou sets up joint conference system for popularization and application working. 
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